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An Elite Next Generation Executive Development Center

With our world-class expertise, large-scale networks and unrivalled partnerships we develop people and organisations in strategy, innovation and leadership, a distinctive combination. We are committed to unlocking the potential of people and organisations by working with business leaders and their management teams to overcome industry specific challenges.

Our Approach

Our approach to executive development facilitates critical thinking, provides contemporary education and enables organisation improvement.

Our Uniqueness

Our unique blend of Entrepreneurship facilitation, strategy courses, and technology-based learning solutions are cutting-edge and state-of-the-art. We provide customised programmes using problem-based learning design. For us, every client is a unique partner!

Our Programmes

Our programmes are specifically built to suit your needs and produce the impactful results your organisation requires. In today’s world, working virtually is imperative for every business. Our expertise in the digital world enables us to craft flexible solutions, either blended or fully online, that align with your ways of working.

Our Programmes


Business Strategy is concerned with the direction and scope of the organisation. This involves determining the purpose of the organisation, establishing objectives and formulating strategies to achieve the objectives. It predominantly explores ...


Invincible companies are those that are able to constantly reinvent themselves by creating new value propositions and business models. Our approach to innovation includes creation of growth strategies, designing new products or services and looking into new ...


Through our work with global leaders, we've observed how they are being stretched by the accelerating speed of change, disruptive events and societal expectations about the purpose of business. And paradoxically, just as leaders feel stretched into new ...

Customised Solution

At the heart of our philosophy is that we always start with your organisation's priorities. And we believe this because we think that the core purpose of leadership development is to enable the delivery of organisational strategy. We are passionate about understanding your organisation's challenges and what keeps your senior leaders awake at night; and we are restless to get a deep understanding of your culture and context in which your leaders must perform. Working collaboratively with you is a given; without it, the risks of failure are simply too high. Our cross-cultural awareness pervades all we do and we are proud to deliver our customised programmes in Arabic and English drawing on local case studies. We are pragmatic but our goal is to inspire leaders to show up and think differently as well as making adjustment to their acts and practices. If we get the diagnostic work right and deliver a great programme, then the impact and results will follow.

Interested in working with us?

At London Strategy Centre we equip and develop the next generation leaders and organisations. We drive the world forward by inducing latest research into practice, hence impacting the way the world does business and the way that business impacts the world. We are constantly looking for valuable people who are inquisitive, enthusiastic and motivated. Please connect with our team if you are passionate about your area of expertise and are driven to make a difference and deliver excellence.

Our people are our most valuable resource, we are constantly looking for expert facilitators. If you would work with us and our clients please write to us at

Translating Research Into Practice

Our social media arm Reactice is a collaborative platform for Researchers and Practitioners designed to translate research into practice through short video-based content. The purpose is to ensure we are able to bring evidence-based frameworks to life by demonstrating their practical application through lively interactive videos. Our sole aim is to enhance management practice and help create better oragnisations.

3.5K views 2 weeks ago

Innovate Education | Arab British Economic Summit 2022

The 2nd Arab British Economic Summit 2022 (ABES2022) concluded on 2nd Nov in London. The overarching theme of the event was ‘Shaping

By London Strategy Centre

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4.4K views 4 weeks ago

Leading Transformational Change | Leading Change

Leading transformational change has never been easy. Post-pandemic, it has not only become more demanding, but also a business imperative.

By London Strategy Centre

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4.5K views 1 month ago

Climate Change And The Greenhouse Effect | Climate Change

July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded! Sometimes, understanding the many challenges

By London Strategy Centre

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by Dr Syed Yaqzan & Aleena Shahmeer

Collaboration over Competition - Calling for Inclusive Leadership on this Earth Day

This year marks the 54th anniversary of Earth Day. Every 22nd April, more than a billion people worldwide come together with a unified goal to tackle climate change and save our environment....

22nd April, 2024

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by Lester Coupland & Imran Zawwar

The Strategic Odyssey of Capability Development

In a world where every line item has its place on the ledger, it seems counterintuitive to view employee development as anything other than a cost. After all, traditional business logic often perceives employee or executive. ...

30th January, 2024

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by Dr Syed Yaqzan and Dr Imran Zawwar

The Great Balancing Act: Thriving in a Disruptive Business Environment

Businesses today face an unprecedented and challenging time as they navigate through a range of competing concerns. On the one hand, they are under immense pressure due to the post-pandemic economic recovery, which has affected their ...

8th August, 2023

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